Our Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Safety

We do not fly.

We do not service aircraft.

We do not shepherd passengers or engage in active aviation operations.


We are committed to producing the best aerospace safety software possible. We will never rest on our laurels and say, "This is good enough."

We will always be asking ourselves and our clients, "How can we make it better?"

What Drives Our Commitment to Quality?

We have repeatedly witnessed how inferior safety reporting systems cause irreparable harm to safety cultures. Software tools impact how likely an employee or stakeholder will report possible safety concerns.

Like you, my family and I have regularly used our "global aviation system" in our personal and business activities. When ANY operator fails to manage hazards effectively, your family and my family are at risk if we happen to be near their area of operations.

Our families don't have to be actively flying to become a victim of an aviation incident. Planes continue to fall uncontrolled from the sky, affecting those below.

We remain committed to aerospace system safety because we have a personal investment in improving this system, regardless of whether we earn a profit.

We are prepared to subsidize sincere operators who don't have deep pockets. This is our commitment to safety. We will lose money on part of TASSC operations, but this is in the interests of all. The TASSC CEO is no longer motivated by profits. SMS Pro has made the preceding company financially independent.

For TASSC, it is no longer about the money. It is about improving aerospace safety and offering opportunities to as many people as possible.

Christopher Howell
August 30, 2020