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Affordable, Basic Compliance Aviation SMS Database Software

Safety management processes fail when employees don't find them simple. Employees embrace simplicity!

Regulatory SMS compliance must be as simple as "ABC!"

We are ALL at risk WHENEVER safety management processes are not as "simple as ABC!"


The Aerospace Safety Software Company (TASSC) was created specifically to reduce aerospace system risk. Profits are not a consideration.

The founding creators of SMS Pro heavily subsidize this venture.

Affordable, Basic Compliance for Aviation SMS Regulations

TASSC fulfills our mission by providing a completely online, aviation risk management system targeted at:

  • very small operators (fewer than 20 employees);
  • economically disadvantaged small operators with fewer than 200 employees;
  • and government entities in "under-developed" countries (airports, ATC).

TASSC provides a stable, Web-based, aviation SMS data management system that is:

  • Affordable (never free);
  • Basic (no frills, real-time support or frequent enhancements); and
  • Compliant (guaranteed suitability for purpose).

It just works...and satisfies regulatory compliance!

Why Are We Doing This?

It is the right thing and we don't need money. However, we'll never give our tools away for free again!

Is Our Global Aerospace System Safely Working?

Aviation safety management systems have been a requirement across most of the world since November 2006. As a result, thousands of operators started their SMS implementation more than a dozen years ago. Their SMS implementations are now mature, but many are in reality, a "paper SMS." This troubles us.

Furthermore, many current SMS data management strategies rely predominantly on spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets remain easy to understand and available at the poorest companies; however, spreadsheets are cumbersome and unsustainable for:

  • automatically alerting managers when real problems or possible trends occur;
  • facilitating safety team collaboration and easily documenting all important risk management activities;
  • Easy SMS performance monitoring by accountable executives and upper management;
  • immediate, real-time report generation to facilitate quality decision-making activities;
  • long-term aviation SMS continuous improvement; or even
  • shorter term trend identification and  proactive risk management.

Regulators' Risk Based Approach Neglects Smaller Operators

From a global perspective, regulators used a "risk-based" approach when providing SMS oversight via their State Safety Programs (SSPs). "Risk-based approach" is regulator speak for sweetly saying that "the more people you can kill, the more scrutiny we apply to your operations."

During the past decade, larger airlines and airports received the bulk of the SSPs' attention as they monitored operators with their newly trained, often opinionated, SMS auditors. Smaller charter operators, aviation maintenance organizations, and FBOs largely flew under the radar - but not for everyone, and not forever.

Small Operators Need Revenue to Survive!

It will never be the best interests of any small operator to focus on safe operations to the point of absurdity, or even close to "as low as reasonably practical" (ALARP).

Small businesses need to make money to survive and pay employees. They don't need to be saddled by bureaucratic documentation requirements that:

  • Cost additional time, expertise and money (which many don't have);
  • Are left to individual auditors' subjective interpretations; and
  • Take away from profit-making activities.
Small Aviation Service Providers

What Is ABC for Small Aviation Service Providers?

Do you want to spend your energy making money, or documenting SMS requirements?

ABC Is Affordable, Basic Compliance for Smaller Operators' SMS Requirements


Affordably designed for very small  operations with 5 to 200 employees. Small flight schools will see tremendous benefits here, as well as many other types of aviation service providers, such as small certified AMOs, FBOs and ground handling companies.

ABC will never be free, as you won't respect us in the morning. However, we do have some very creative ideas so you may not always have to pay in currency.

Baseline cost for ABC is $1,000 initial setup and $1,010 per year for up to 20 user accounts. Here are links to the formal "Agreement for Services" and "Request for Service."

Question: "I don't have $1,000. What can you do to help?" Creative financiers are welcome to contact me. TASSC is committed to improving system safety, not making money. Here are some ideas to creatively finance your $1,000 initial setup fee or the subscription.


Designed for simple (single division) to moderately complex operations with multiple divisions.

If you will only ever need basic, SMS compliance, you will not worry about growing out of this system for the foreseeable future. ABC will easily handle the needs of an organization with 1,000 employees with the use of divisions. Therefore, if you are a startup and expect organizational growth to 1,000 employees in a few years, ABC will easily handle the load. We've been supporting such systems for many years.

When we say "Basic," we don't expect SMS movers and shakers to be joining ABC. You should be considering SMS Pro. SMS Pro is where all the exciting, cutting edge SMS activity occurs.

This Affordable, Basic system is designed for operators with limited financial means and startups. Don't expect your support tickets to be answered in an hour or less, as the SMS Pro community frequently enjoys.

Affordable Basic Compliance is a low-cost way for any operator to "just to check the box" if that is the business need. Not everyone craves to be an SMS rock star and not everyone demands world-class-support.

While ABC is "basic," it is most certainly scalable. Startups can easily grow, just as this airline case study shows. The case study demonstrates the SMS Pro database helping a startup over a ten-year-period. ABC is an SMS Pro variant created in September 2020.


These selected tools have industry-accepted workflows that have been practiced since 2008. Across the world, regulatory agencies have accepted these tools as being fit for purpose as operators sought SMS regulatory compliance. We guarantee that this entire suite of tools has all the required elements for an IATA or BARS SMS audit, not to mention the FAA and other well-known civil aviation authorities.

We guarantee that these tools are fit for purpose. We don't guarantee that your SMS will be compliant if you subscribe to ABC. You have to actually use these tools to pass an audit. If you get these tools, there will be no hiding from SMS auditors for sloppy SMS documentation work.

Smaller operators instantly gain access to multi-million dollar tools with industry accepted risk management workflows. These excellent, aviation-specific SMS database tools have everything you will need, including an SMS manual template should you need to modify your SMS manual.

These tools make SMS compliance easy.

The sad fact is that SMS Pro is exceptionally good, but too expensive and complicated for an operator who just wants to make money and "just check the compliance box."

Not everyone needs to be an SMS rockstar. Being an SMS rockstar is great is that is your passion, but some people need to focus on being profitable before the "SMS rockstar" stage.

How to Start Using ABC for Your SMS Initiative?

Affordable, Basic Compliance Aviation SMS Database Software

For starters, ABC is a subsidized product. This is not about the money.

ABC Pricing Strategy

ABC Major Components and Service Offering

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