Aerospace Safety Software Pricing - What to Expect?

The Aerospace Safety Software Company (TASSC) mission promotes aerospace safety. Money is not a primary consideration.

We will never again provide free services. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Our team struggled many years to fulfill the SMS Pro "rags-to-riches" success story. Now we are ready to give assistance to struggling and disadvantaged businesses. We don't need to become billionaires.

Efficient safety management must not be determined by an operator’s ability to pay. In every failed and failing aviation SMS, we all (you and I) are needlessly and currently hopelessly exposed to risk. TASSC can help. We will help to reduce this risk, as this is our global responsibility.

We are aviation safety professionals! We are also proven, aviation safety database architects.

It only takes one careless/negligent/disenfranchised operator to create a shit storm for a whole lot of people, such as innocent passersby. We want to help.

Why TASSC Feels Responsible for Global Aerospace Safety?

TASSC management feels a responsibility to reducing global aerospace safety risks. Why?

Every TASSC employee uses the global aerospace transportation system.

We have resources and energy to be able to provide a meaningful response. This combination of being able to offer a response in tandem with being capable to execute an appropriate response makes us "response" + "able," or responsible.

What Drives TASSC Affordable Pricing Model? Is it PIAC?

Less than ten years ago, Pakistan International Airlines (PIAC) repeatedly, and in independent sessions, came looking to use the aviation safety database, SMS Pro. Their earnest safety managers saw value in sincere, SMS implementations, accompanied by the expected risk management benefits.  Each time they came to us, the PIAC safety team didn't have top management support.

PIAC's safety team openly shared their reality with managements' commitment to safety. Our conversations often spanned more than two hours. PIAC's safety culture was abysmal, and remains so. I realized that upper management was disconnected from operational safety, and remains so.

Needless to say, the June 2020 A320 crash was expected by not only me, but by their safety team. One safety manager lamented that "PIAC was an IATA certified airline and most employees don't even know what an SMS is."

97 people lost their lives in June 2020. Two weeks after the fatal crash, PIAC returned to us asking how they could adopt SMS Pro.

We told PIAC that "SMS Pro enforces accountability and facilitates transparency into the SMS processes." I knew PIAC was not ready for transparency and accountability, as PIAC upper-level managers like to control information that may prove less than flattering to PIAC management. Yet they were insistent.

They didn't expect our "tough love" approach after they strongly urged us to look at their money as incentive.

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Financial Challenges with Global Aerospace SMS

As stated, PIAC management was scrambling to improve their image from the June 2020 fatal crash. From our perspective, PIAC was trying to use SMS Pro as a positive message to the world's civil aviation regulatory agencies. Naturally, PIAC wanted to express that they were ready to embrace change and fix their systemic, cultural issues that blatantly ignored safety at the expense of unwary passengers.

I was not convinced. My message to PIAC in July 2020 relayed my sentiments:

"For the past dozen years, SMS Pro has been a market leader in aviation SMS software. Our success allows us to carefully select our clients. In short, we don't need PIAC's business as we have plenty of capital. Doing business with PIAC fails to excite me.

Over the past ten years, PIAC's safety and quality employees have repeatedly approached us to acquire the system. They educated us how things really work at PIAC when auditors are not around and that your safety culture lacks top management support and adequate budget.

Since PIAC's safety culture has so many problems, I prefer that you choose one of the cheaper, less sophisticated systems you already identified, i.e., IMX, Q5 and Curoson (from Ideagen).

SMS Pro is not for every company, especially companies like yours with substandard safety cultures that don't have top management support."

While the message to PIAC was clear, our short-sighted, blunt approach did not address the global aerospace safety challenge.

In so many cases, safety is about the money. For passengers who have no control over "renegade management teams," this injustice screams loudly. Passengers expect safe operations, especially if the operator is an IATA certified carrier.

The above, real-life scenario remains a primary factor in our subsidized pricing model.

TASSC Pricing Considerations for Subsidized SMS Software

We want to manage your expectations when dealing with TASSC.

You can use these affordable safety data management systems without paying actual money, but we are expecting something from you in return. Our mission is to promote aerospace safety.

Again, money is not a primary consideration. We will listen to any proposal.

TASSC aviation safety software is heavily subsidized. TASSC does not need more money. We created and delivered the successful SMS database (SMS Pro).

TASSC has become a personal project of the SMS Pro owners and senior management team.

We refuse the right to provide services to anyone regarding our affordable SMS systems.

What Level of Support Can "Affordable" Software Offer?

Since these systems are designed to be "affordable," you can expect the same level of customer support that you will get from Google or Microsoft. Yes, have you ever tried to get support from these behemoths? Really, it is not worth your time. You can expect the same here.

TASSC safety data management systems are designed to be affordable, basic and compliant with SMS regulatory guidelines. They just work, and we actively monitor the system continuously for anomalies. If you want extra support, you will have to pay for it. These systems are for operators who don't need world-class support or jaw-dropping sophistication.

Don't get me wrong. These affordable safety software packages pack more power and features than most others currently on the market.  This does not mean that somebody will come along in five years and provide something better. We don't provide that assurance. But you can be assured that these systems will remain "relevant" and "fit for purpose" for at least five years.

Current TASSC Pricing Schedule

TASSC pricing is very simple and affordable.