Pricing Details for Affordable Aerospace Safety Software

To keep administrative expenses down for our clients, all TASSC pricing is simplified. (see numbers below)

All payments are done via credit card, which will include credit card processing fees.

All subscriptions are based on an annual basis.

Subscriptions are subsidized tremendously, so expect no refunds. No exceptions. The amounts in question will be minimal by today's standards for anyone in the aviation industry. We will not spend additional time and money reimbursing any client for such meager sums described below.

Formal Details - What Will We Do for You?

Do you want a formal Agreement for Services? An Agreement for Services is basically a statement of work and outlines expected TASSC services.

Remember, you can cancel subscriptions at any time. You can access our standard Agreement for Services here.

When you are ready to proceed, we will send you two invoices:

  • Setup fees; and
  • First annual subscription.

On your subscription anniversary, another invoice will automatically be sent to the point of contact on record.

When subscriptions are paid on time, we all remain happy and good friends.

Late Payments Risk Service Disruption

When the "affordable subscriptions" are not paid within 30 days, a reminder is sent on the 30th day, another on the 60th, and the final reminder on the 90th day.

For clients not paying by the 60th day, we reserve the right to immediately terminate service without the third notice.

If we terminate your portal subscription, you can start afresh. This means you have the option to start with a clean slate (new SMS portal) or have your previous portal restored. To do so, a $1,000 reconfiguration (setup) fee will be required upfront on all restored portals, as well as your outstanding balance.

If we require the $1,000 reconfiguration fee to restore service, don't quibble. Just pay it and move on with your life. We'll respect you more for this behavior. Otherwise, we'll see the late payment as a lack of gratitude and refuse future service. Simply done.

You will hear me say repeatedly, "this subsidized software program is not about the money." If you don't like to pay your bills until you hear the vendor scream, don't subscribe. We don't scream. We will just quietly move on with our lives and you'll never hear from us again. We realize that conditions change and businesses close. We don't have time to chase down loose ends, especially those who don't like to timely pay their bills.

Aerospace Safety Software Pricing

Each of the following subsidized solutions has a $1,000 initialization cost:

Annual Subsidized Subscription Costs < 20 Employees

If your employee count is fewer than 20 employees, the pricing is listed below. We won't quibble if your employee count runs between 15-25 employees due to seasonal differences.

We provide affordable SMS database software to larger companies, but it will obviously cost more than $1,000 per year.

ABC FRMS VSO Client Portal
per year
per year
per year

Larger companies (not all) may also be eligible for subsidized aerospace safety software. See pricing for larger companies.


List of Eligible Aerospace Industry Segments

TASSC's mission remains to promote aerospace safety. We subsidize disadvantaged and high risk operators. These following aerospace operators are explicitly included:

Startups - all aviation industry-segments, i.e., drones, scheduled service;

Small Airports (one airport, one portal);

Flight Schools (based on # of cadre, not # of students);

Aviation Maintenance Operations < 20 Employees in entire company;

FBOs - No more than three per company in one portal;

On-Demand Charter - Includes operations servicing remote mines and offshore oil operations;

Agricultural & Fire Suppression Operators;

Scenic/Adventure Helicopter/Float and Bush Plane Tours;

Combination of FBO/AMO/Charter/Flight School with < 30 employees in entire company; and

Scheduled operators (select countries - See List of Potentially Eligible Scheduled Airlines)