SMS Partners

Work with the Best!

SMS Partners are world-class leaders in:

  • aviation safety management systems (SMS) implementation support;
  • SMS manual writing;
  • SMS consulting; and
  • SMS training.

SMS Partners have a deep knowledge of all things SMS.

Some SMS Partners are qualified SMS Pro trainers. They provide SMS Pro training across the globe, which allows TASSC to focus on developing and supporting our other aerospace safety initiatives.

SMS Partner Program Overview

The SMS Partner Program was created in 2009 after the deaths of Jerry Dennis (former Medallion Foundation director) and Peter Gardiner (President and Founder of Southern California Safety Institute - SCSI).

Jerry Dennis and Peter Gardiner were instrumental in the birth of SMS Pro. Their roles in SMS Pro were:

  • Evangelical - Jerry Dennis was popular in the aviation industry; and
  • Training and promotions - Peter Gardiner owned a reputable aviation safety training company.

After the sudden deaths of two SMS Pro "brainchildren," we needed help to expand our reach to global markets. This business need necessitated us to develop the SMS Partner Program, providing SMS Pro a global reach and the required credibility to interact with the global aviation industry.

The SMS Partner program is specifically structured to make it easy to join. We occasionally offer exclusive SMS Partner regions when an SMS Partner demonstrates a certain level of activity in the region that benefits the entire SMS Partner community.

SMS Partners have different roles, based on their backgrounds, expertise and desires.

Become an SMS Partner

As an SMS Partner and expert, you will earn instant credibility and expand value to your customers.

We work closely with SMS Partners to

  • qualify sales opportunities;
  • present the SMS solution using online demos; and
  • help close sales.

Together, SMS Partners and our team solve your client's SMS needs. You will also have opportunities to earn additional revenue providing

  • SMS Pro training;
  • SMS implementation support; and/or
  • writing manuals.

Do you have an immediate customer opportunity? Learn more about SMS Partner opportunities.