The Aerospace Safety Software Management Team

Chris Howell

Christopher Howell

Chris Howell's professional background entails developing secure, dynamic Web applications for

  • military engineering,
  • military logistics;
  • financial industry; and the
  • medical industry.

Chris is one of the original founders of NorthWest Data Solutions (NWDS), the owner of SMS Pro.

Since 2003, Chris navigated the challenges of managing a startup software development company located in Anchorage, Alaska. He provided clients with full-time software development services while simultaneously managing a stable of five to fifteen professional software engineers.

In 2007, Chris was coaxed into the aviation industry. In response to the November 2006 ICAO SMS mandate, several aviation safety professionals approached Chris to develop a scalable, aviation safety management system (SMS) database platform. At the time, there were no user-friendly systems on the market designed and built specifically to address these SMS requirements. SMS Pro's birth eventually brought NWDS financial independence.

In 2020, Chris was in "continuous improvement" mode as he reviewed and tweaked SMS Pro features and usability. His dream of providing smaller operators with an "equalizer" to tame daunting regulatory documentation requirements was a forgotten memory.

In August 2020, Chris started The Aerospace Safety Software Company to focus on improving systemic aerospace safety for all operators, and not just those with stable financial means. His new-found energy and focus remain on "continuous improvement" while ignoring mundane distractions like chasing profits.

"The profits will take care of themselves."

Christopher Howell
CEO - The Aerospace Safety Software Company




Roman Mikheev
Senior Aerospace Safety Engineer

Roman was the first full-time software engineer assigned to SMS Pro in 2007. He is an enterprise database and Web application development expert.

Roman remains actively involved in the evolution of SMS Pro, the aviation SMS software product originally designed for small to medium sized operators that have become today's standard across the entire global aviation transportation system.

Roman is a problem solver and an aerospace safety software engineer of the highest caliber. He will remain one of the driving forces that implements TASSC's vision for a safer, more equitable aerospace transportation system.




Doug Walker
Senior Aerospace Safety Engineer

After serving in the U.S. Navy, Doug completed college and joined the SMS Pro team in 2011. His military experience proves valuable as he works with safety managers in various aviation industry segments. Doug is definitely the "people person" in this group of engineers.

Doug manages the SMS Pro training program. Doug is highly familiar with the business logic surrounding the more complex risk management modules in SMS Pro, such as the Auditing Suite and the Learning Management System that is integrated in the Training and Qualifications module.

Doug's calm, personable attitude puts clients at ease, enabling them to fully express their business challenges. Doug's aptitude, knowledge of SMS requirements, and intimate understanding of the software development life-cycle make him an invaluable member of the TASSC team.