FAQs Regarding TASSC Aerospace Safety Software

The Affordable, Basic Compliance SMS database was created for specifically for operators with fewer than 50 employees.

Airlines, Airports, ATC and Aviation Maintenance operations with fewer than 200 employees can also benefit from using ABC as long as they don't require:

  • 24/7 real time support;
  • Customized reports; or
  • Constant hand-holding.
Smaller operators < 50 Employees
  • Drone - UAS;
  • Medical Transport;
  • Airports;
  • On demand charter tours;
  • Heli-adventure tours;
  • Police / Quasi Military; and
  • Startup Airlines.
  • Secure storage for SMS data in cloud;
  • Bandwidth for your users to access SMS data from anywhere with an Internet connection;
  • Servers to run a Web application you have access to 24/7 365 per year;
  • Staff to ensure these servers remain secure and updated;
  • Weekly bug fixes on an as-needed basis;
  • Online training videos.
  • Secure Web application with your company logo requiring username and password;
  • SMS Performance Monitoring Dashboard for upper management to monitor the SMS performance;
  • Safety Reporting System (includes quick reporting and Public Reporting);
  • Computer based SMS training management and documentation (initial and recurrent SMS training);
  • Users access their reported safety issues and assigned safety tasks;
  • Easy way to set and monitor KPIs;
  • Very user-friendly trend analysis tools;
  • Hazard Register accessible by managers to review hazards, risks and risk controls;
  • Management of Change System;
  • Robust Auditing System;
  • Training and Qualifications Management;
  • Safety Communication System (Message Board, Meeting Manager, Safety Surveys, Newsletters, Lessons Learned Library)

Yes, there are alerts configured for three day, 30 day and 90 day required reporting standards. An E5X export is also automatically generated.

More information about complying with ECCAIRS reporting.


You have only one option to import data into ABC.

Use our spreadsheet template (no charge).

ABC is meant to be an affordable solution.