Larger Companies

Affordable Aerospace Safety Software for Larger Operators

Efficient safety management should not be determined by an operator’s ability to pay.

TASSC's primary mission is to provide affordably priced aerospace safety software to small companies with fewer than 20 employees.

Larger startup airlines and operators in disadvantaged circumstances are also considered for TASSC's subsidized aerospace safety software on a case-by-case basis.

We foresee expanding this subsidized system to many small to medium-sized operators based in economically challenged countries.

We will add larger operators to the TASSC SMS ecosystem at a slower pace to ensure resources are not overwhelmed.

Considering TASSC Affordable SMS Software?

Is your company considering using TASSC's affordable solutions?

If so, this program is not for aviation SMS movers and shakers (thought leaders). TASSC's affordable safety software program offers economically challenged operators a simple, web-based SMS data management platform that is affordable, basic and compliant when used as designed.

If you are an oil company or a multinational operator, please don't sign up for this subsidized software. You are urged to use SMS Pro, which is an advanced SMS data management platform with unrivaled customer support.

Aerospace Safety Software Subscription Pricing  > 20 Employees

The following price guidelines are for companies requesting subsidized safety software provided by TASSC.

Emplyees/Costs < 100 employees < 200 employees < 500 employees
Annually $4,000 $6,000 $10,000
Setup Costs $2,000 $3,000 $4,000

We reserve the right to select operators based on our perceptions of the operator's chances for success.

We are not obligated to justify our decision for refusal of entry into this subsidized aviation safety software initiative.

How Larger Operators Are Vetted for Affordable SMS Software?

TASSC management determines whether larger operators are suitable for using any of the affordable software solutions. We evaluate companies based on:

  • Time in industry;
  • Safety history;
  • Perceived safety culture;
  • Company revenue (ability to pay); and
  • Management's willingness to provide oversight (huge factor).

Learn more how we evaluate eligibility for larger companies.