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Aviation safety software serves no purpose when idle. ABC SMS database is an SMS Pro variant created in late 2020 to satisfy the TASSC mission to continuously improve aerospace safety.

In order for humans to benefit from safety software features, the interactive user-software interfaces must be available to end users.

Similar to SMS Pro and other major aviation SMS databases, users access these interactive, safety software features using a Web browser on their modern:

  • smartphones;
  • tablets or laptops; and
  • desktop computers.

What Is Cost-Value Proposition of Affordable Aviation SMS Software

Please consider your expected cost-value proposition of this aviation safety software subscription service.

We provide several key and financially costly elements to deliver global, industry accepted aviation SMS database management services to your end users at an affordable, albeit subsidized, cost.

For the minimal (token) subscription fee, you access TASSC's very robust, aviation SMS software. Our affordable, yet regulatory compliant, service includes:

  • Secure cloud storage for aviation SMS data backups at two geographically distinct locations;
  • Unlimited bandwidth for Internet users to access SMS features, industry-accepted workflows and data;
  • Secure Web and database servers to provide users access to software and database storage;
  • Professional technical staff to maintain, update and monitor servers;
  • Software development support to fix bugs and ensure system remains regulatory compliant.

Each item above, by its own merit, is worth the subscription price regardless of which country you use as a measure.


  • What is your time and peace of mind worth?
  • Who is watching your aviation SMS database? And how much is it costing you?
  • Do your aviation SMS database managers share our level of expertise?

No company can provide these expert, professional, aviation SMS database services internally for what we are offering.

Major Components of ABC SMS Database Software

Major components of Web-based, affordable, compliant aviation safety management system (SMS) software

We already mentioned servers and technical staff provided in this service. Below are expected ABC features.

Each major aviation SMS component listed below is worth the subscription price.

As you consider all these integrated sub-systems, then you will realize the synergistic value offered. The quality and suitability for purpose of these modern, aviation risk management tools are undeniable, as they come directly from the tested, battle-hardened SMS Pro.

Secure Web Application with Your Company Logo Requiring Username and Password

Your company will have at least one SMS Admin  to configure many objects, including:

  • Users and their roles (permissions)
  • Configuration settings (reporting forms, workflows); and
  • KPIs, Safety Goals and SMS Training.
SMS Performance Monitoring Dashboard for Management to Monitor Safety Performance

SMS Admins configure access permissions on approximately 40 real-time dashboard charts. Many of these charts are interactive. Each user can personalize their dashboard using sophisticated drag-n-drop features so they can tailor their dashboard based on their role/business purpose (training, compliance, security, operations, etc.)

Safety Reporting System (includes "Public reporting" and "Quick reporting")

SMS Admins select and configure approximately 15 pre-defined safety reporting forms based on operation or activity types. Many, but not all forms can be tailored by SMS Admins to align with organizational objectives.

Public safety reporting facilitates contractor, vendor or external stakeholder participation to submit safety issues to your company's SMS database without requiring use accounts.

For users pressed for time, Quick Reporting is also available. Quick reports promote safety by not overwhelming users with long reporting forms.

Computer Based SMS Training Management, Delivery and Documentation

Both initial and recurrent SMS training are requirements. The level of SMS training depends upon employees' organizational role and position. How do you track safety training for different user groups?

Providing SMS training to users is not cheap, nor is managing the documentation. Simply having upper management alerted of overdue training is worth this subscription price.

This system provides a template to deliver and document SMS training for:

  • Employees;
  • Safety Managers; and
  • Department Heads.

Note: TASSC will not provide the integrated Learning Management System (LMS) as part of any affordable, basic solution. If you need an LMS, you will need to use SMS Pro or another LMS in conjunction with ABC.

Users Access Personal Safety Data

Each portal comes with a personalized "Safety Workspace" for users to view and manage SMS activities, including:

  • History of reported safety issues;
  • Assigned safety activities, such as issues, investigations and corrective and preventive actions;
  • Assigned safety audits;
  • Safety communications (read and sign); and
  • Safety meetings.
Easy Way to Set and Monitor KPIs

Setting and tracking key safety performance indicators (KPIs) remains a constant challenge for smaller operators using paper and spreadsheets. This system removes these challenges. Reports are automatically generated with KPI filters.

KPIs are easily configured and monitored based on multiple, pre-configured, yet adaptable, classification schemes, including:

  • Type of Issue;
  • Associated Hazards;
  • Human Factors;
  • Root Causes; and
  • Policies and Procedures.
Very User-Friendly Trend Analysis Tools

Besides easily setting and monitoring KPIs, safety managers can configure automated alerts to notify managers of developing trends.

While alerts are nice, the ABC solution has many user-friendly trending charts. Upper-level managers won't need IT support to analyze safety data for trends.

For advanced SMS implementations, a suite of 18-Continuous Improvement reports allows managers to participate in both proactive and predictive risk management activities. For any company with fewer than 1,000 employees, these reports easily satisfy "Safety Assurance" SMS regulatory requirements.

Small companies with fewer than 100 employees will shine with SMS auditors with the real-time trending charts. In fact, small companies may wish to simply ignore the sophisticated reports contained within the Continuous Improvement reporting module.

Hazard Register Allows Managers to Review Hazards, Risks and Risk Controls

Hazard registers are so boring in most aviation SMS implementations. Auditors come asking to look at the operator's hazard register and out pops up the typical spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are nice if that is the only thing you have, but your SMS packs tremendously more power when your hazard register is seamlessly integrated into:

  • Risk management workflows;
  • Trending charts and reporting analytical tools;
  • Automated tracking of Safety Goals and Objectives related to these hazards; and
  • Management of Change projects.
Management of Change System

Every regulatory compliant SMS implementation requires a repeatable process to manage and document change. This system shines for operators with more than 50 employees.  Repeatable, documented workflows remove the guesswork for what an auditor is really looking for.

Smaller operators don't need to get too excited here. Just showing your SMS auditors that you have such tools is usually enough to cut an SMS audit short.

Robust Auditing System

Truthfully, this audit suite is too much for smaller operators. Unless you are a startup with plans for growth, companies with fewer than 50 employees will find the audit suite overwhelming.

The audit suite facilitates:

  • Online checklist creation;
  • Audit scheduling (assign team members and team leads);
  • Integrated audit finding management with risk management workflows and trend reports; and
  • Many valuable reports.
  • Airlines and ground handling companies will definitely benefit as the IATA's IOSA and ISAGO audit checklists.

More than one mid-sized airline has purchased SMS Pro simply for the audit suite. This complete, robust audit suite remains a keystone for demonstrating safety assurance activities.

Training and Qualifications Management

How do accountable executives at smaller operators assure themselves that all employees have been properly trained?

Furthermore, how does upper management know when training expires?

This module allows managers to schedule and document organizational training requirements.

Important note: ABC will not include SMS Pro's fully integrated Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS has been purposefully omitted to keep this system both basic and affordable.

Safety Communication System (Message Board, Meeting Manager, Safety Surveys, Newsletters, Lessons Learned Library)

Safety communications remain one of those subjective, easy-to-audit, easy-to-justify SMS elements. This remains particularly true for small operators. As your company grows, you will be expected to demonstrate SMS sophistication commensurate with operational size and complexity.

Regarding these "safety communication requirements," ABC has user-friendly tools for operators of all sizes, whether you only 5 employees or 500.

Easily create "read-and-sign" messages.

If you have time and resources, conduct preliminary safety surveys or send out an annual or bi-annual safety newsletters.

Technical Support Aligns with Affordably Compliant

As you have seen, ABC has all the necessary tools for SMS regulatory compliance. There are no surprises here. ABC is simply a regulatory compliant SMS Pro version that has been simplified for smaller operators.

However, ABC comes without the:

  • "excellent" technical support; and the
  • neverending quest for continuous improvement as seen by SMS Pro's frequent enhancements.

ABC's affordable pricing is unable to support the excellent customer support SMS Pro users expect.


How to Start Using ABC for Your SMS Initiative?

For starters, ABC is a subsidized product. This is not about the money.

ABC Pricing Strategy

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