Where Others Only Dare to Envision, We Deliver!

Every member of TASSC's senior management team has repeatedly demonstrated the capability to single-handedly develop a modern, enterprise-level Web application from start to finish!

We are talented software engineers well-versed in secure, modern Web development technologies.

In 2007, we were lured into the aviation industry to solve data management challenges faced by operators as the result of ICAO's 2006 safety management system (SMS) mandate. Since then, the aviation industry has come to recognize us as pioneering aviation SMS subject matter experts.

Our stellar reputation is the result of our continuous activity in the aviation industry.

Capability Statement

The Aerospace Safety Software Company (TASSC) revolves around the CEO's pursuit of "making a difference where it matters" for the continued evolution of aerospace safety.

We have already reached success in developing and supporting SMS Pro. We now want to focus on our passions!

Below you will see TASSC's short capability list. We don't want you to focus on our many other hidden talents like:

  • Web design,
  • search engine optimization (SEO), and
  • social media.

Starting from August 2020, TASSC will focus only on core competencies that WE enjoy doing.

TASSC has many years of professional expertise in:

  1. Enterprise database design and development;
  2. Secure, enterprise-level Web applications;
  3. Adapting Web applications for mobile platforms;
  4. Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) databases and Web-centric software;
  5. LOSA software for commercial and military applications.

We are devoted to honing our technical skills as the world increasingly becomes dependent on Internet technologies.

Project areas that we prefer working on include:

What Can We Do Very Easily?

Have you ever looked at a professional with years of  experience and marveled at how easy they make their job appear?

We possess this same talent based on years of learning and repetition. What can we easily do?

We can take a business challenge and create a tool that can be used anywhere in the world where the end-user has a modern Web browser, such as a smartphone or tablet PC.

Furthermore, we can acquire and configure secure Web servers for users to confidently access these tools to solve the "business challenge."