Affordable, Basic SMS Compliance Has Become Our Mission

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Quickly Implement Aviation SMS Workflows

SMS Database Supported With SMS Manual Template

Are you a small, disadvantaged business? We minimize

  1. aviation SMS logistical burdens;
  2. SMS implementation times;
  3. SMS audit findings; and
  4. make your SMS documentation much easier to manage.

Instantly access proven aerospace-industry-accepted, risk management workflows!

In all likelihood, you have already seen our original ideas in most of our competitors' SMS databases. We are very transparent and sincere in improving aerospace system safety.

We include a model SMS manual template (> 100 pages) aligning risk management workflows and safety assurance monitoring activities.

Since 2007, aviation SMS pioneers and thought leaders have been refining SMS Pro's risk management workflows. The aviation community continues to witnesses how popular aviation SMS database software contributes to global aerospace system safety.


Our Mission Toward Global Continuous Improvement

The Aerospace Safety Software Company (TASSC) is committed to continuously improving aerospace safety, regardless of clients' ability to pay. We promise we will never be motivated primarily by financial gain when engaged in client relations. We are committed to constantly ask:

  • "How can we make our world better?" and
  • "What is the right thing to do?"

At TASSC, we wholeheartedly embrace accountability and strive to:

  1. Provide the best, most user-friendly, aerospace safety software;
  2. Simultaneously provide affordable aerospace SMS software to small operators in impoverished circumstances;
  3. Facilitate safe space tourism through promoting proven aviation safety risk management principles;
  4. Promote safer operations and risk management methodologies for military aviation practitioners;
  5. Treat all clients with dignity and respect; and
  6. Maintain unfailing integrity and honesty in 100% of our business relationships.

It's not about the money! We deliver the BEST aerospace safety software that benefits all of mankind!