Income Opportunities

How Part-Time Safety Managers Earn Extra Income

Retired safety managers may have ambitions to promote aviation safety on a part-time basis. There are many companies needing aviation SMS expertise and mentorship.

We outline an opportunity for aviation safety professionals to help small operators manage their aviation SMS implementations.

Do you know a small operator needing professional safety guidance?

ABC SMS database has all the tools to:

  • Conduct a gap analysis;
  • Prepare SMS implementation plan; and
  • Implement a fully compliant SMS implementation.

After you complete your operator's SMS implementation, you have a choice to either:

  1. Continue providing SMS mentoring and SMS documentation support; or
  2. Leave the operator to manage their SMS with internal resources.

Regardless of which option, we don't share in your consulting fees.

The best option is to have your client directly pay for the ABC database subscription. This assures the owner that they maintain control over their aviation safety data should you decide to leave the SMS consulting business.

Fatigue Risk Management Specialists

For safety professionals specializing in FRMS consulting, here is an opportunity to bolster your service offerings with more than templates and spreadsheets. The FRMS is suitable as a stand-alone system.

Alternatively, the ABC SMS database includes all FRMS components. You may opt to provide both FRMS and SMS consulting simultaneously. In this case, the ABC SMS database is the preferred solution.