Affordable Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) Data Management Platform

Affordable Fatigue Risk Management System by TASSC

The Aerospace Safety Software Company is committed to combating fatigue in the aerospace system by offering affordable safety data management capabilities to:

  • Small companies with fewer than 30 employees; or
  • Companies in economically distressed circumstances.

To meet this commitment, TASSC will provide small companies with a complete, low-cost FRMS data management platform that guarantees regulatory compliance when used as designed.

What Is a Fatigue Risk Management System?

Workplace fatigue occurs as the result from not getting enough rest between duty periods. But it is more complicated than that.

Fatigue remains at the forefront of aviation safety managers' minds as they identify the effects of fatigue and strive to mitigate associated risks in their aviation safety management systems (SMS).

When we typically think of fatigue, we may recall days of our youth when we stayed up late nights or went on a trip and drove all night long. Fatigue can happen for other reasons, such as

  • stress;
  • medications;
  • latent or unidentified medical conditions;
  • inconsistent duty schedules; or
  • unsuitable crew accommodations.

Regardless of what causes fatigue, the aerospace transportation system continues battling the effects of fatigue in order to reduce operational risk to as low as reasonably practical.

An FRMS is a structured approach to monitoring and managing fatigue levels in the workforce. Years ago, the aerospace industry defined logical, common-sense components that modern FRMS should include, such as:

  • Fatigue policy communicated to all employees;
  • Regular fatigue-related safety communications to deter complacency regarding fatigue levels;
  • Fatigue level data collection and evaluation activities (surveys, fatigue risk assessments, self-reporting via confidential safety reporting system);
  • Proactive hazard analysis documentation, including associated risks, risk controls and your fatigue monitoring strategy;
  • Routine, scheduled fatigue monitoring activities using a Hazard Risk Register and trending charts;
  • Training for both employees and investigators assigned to employee fatigue reports;
  • Annual or semi-annual audit of the FRMS to ensure effectiveness and adherence to best practices; and
  • Regular management review.

What Is Our Expertise in FRMS Data Management?

We are not FRMS consultants.

We never conduct site visits to perform FRMS-related surveys.

We do not sell biometric body sensors to monitor employee fatigue.

Why Use This Affordable FRMS?

Since 2013, our team has worked with many airline clients implementing their FRMS as a subset of their aviation SMS implementations. Working very closely and in conjunction with FRMS consulting experts, such as Clockwork Research, our team created compliant data management elements for aviation service providers to manage their FRMS. These components include:

  • Data collection;
  • Risk analysis and fatigue-related-event classification;
  • Investigations and risk mitigation strategy;
  • Continuous improvement with managerial FRMS performance monitoring;
  • FRMS goals and objectives tracking; and
  • FRMS annual reviews.

In short, we've been the "men behind the curtains" with hundreds of FRMS data management initiatives. We have the online Web tools and servers to make your FRMS effortless to manage.

Technical Requirements for an Affordable FRMS

In order for FRMS to be truly valuable and useful for aviation organizations, employees need a user-friendly system to report, manage, track and monitor fatigue-related activities. To make our affordable FRMS your reality, we will provide:

  • Secure storage for FRMS data in cloud;
  • Unlimited bandwidth for your users to access FRMS data from anywhere with an Internet connection;
  • Enterprise-grade Web servers to run a 24/7, FRMS Web application;
  • Technical staff to ensure these servers remain secure and updated;
  • As-needed enhancements and/or bug fixes;
  • Features allowing you to export your FRMS data anytime to PDFs and spreadsheets; and
  • Limited -tech support with three day-guaranteed response time.

Functional Requirements for FRMS

To satisfy your affordable FRMS' functional requirements, TASSC has created a new FRMS data management program for small companies. Every tool selected has been tested by hundreds of aviation service providers since 2007.

These tools are a subset of SMS Pro. If you are already using SMS Pro's Safety-Quality Assurance Solution, you will already have these tools.

Selected Modules for Affordable FRMS Data Management

TASSC will provide these proven tools with aviation-industry-accepted workflows in an online portal with your logo and images:

Policy and Procedures Manager

Edit and post your FRMS policies and procedures in an employee-accessible portal. Automated review reminders ensure your policies and procedures are regularly reviewed. (Regular policy review remains an industry best practice and regulatory requirement for most operators). If you need an aviation-centric fatigue risk management policy, we can even provide a template upon request.

Goals and Objectives

Continuous improvement for reducing fatigue-related events. If you cannot measure it, you cannot track it. This integrated suite of tools allows you to set and track your fatigue-related goals identified in your Fatigue Risk Management Policy, stored in the Policies and Procedures Manager described immediately above. With this powerful integration, you will easily be able to set and track key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your fatigue-related policies.

Fatigue Reporting System

Confidential and anonymous reporting with industry-accepted FRMS reporting form. Some resourceful operators may use this modified safety reporting system as your SMS' primary safety reporting system. In our affordable FRMS, we strip the clutter and extra bells and whistles to focus on compliance for smaller aviation service providers.

Fatigue Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT)

Configurable risk assessment tool for pre-flight or any pre-mission. Configure for most fixed-wing or rotor-wing operations, such as external heavy lift or medivac ops. Includes configurable go/no-go parameters for a variety of conditions.

Online Message Board

Facilitates fatigue-related safety communications to deter complacency regarding fatigue levels. Tailor messages to audiences based on their roles or positions within the company. Tracks whether employees read their messages and prompt them whenever there are unread messages from your safety team or management.

Fatigue Safety Surveys

Easily conduct employee surveys to determine employee attitudes toward reporting fatigue.

Reactive Risk Management and Investigations (Issue Manager)

Once an employee submits a "fatigue-related" report, notifications are sent to the safety manager (SM). The SM then initiates the risk management process using a structured, repeatable process that assures management and civil aviation authorities that you have a process to:

  • Investigate;
  • Analyze the underlying facts and conditions;
  • Assess the risk;
  • Treat the risk (corrective/preventive actions); and
  • Monitor the risk for future occurrence.

This workhorse module is the result of multiple iterations over a dozen years. This is the engine that will really minimize your FRMS documentation pains.

Configurable alerts, overdue notifications, and escalation parameters.

Proactive Hazard and Risk Management for Fatigue Hazard

(and all other safety hazards). These are the proactive risk management jewels that small operators cannot afford. You may simply wish to track your hazards, or if you are really serious about reducing risk to as low as reasonably practical, these are professional safety manager tools at your disposal. This Proactive Hazard Analysis Tool generates the included dynamic, always-up-to-date, Hazard/Risk Register.

Fatigue Trend Analysis (KPI Monitor and Data Analysis & Export)

These two modules easily satisfy your trend analysis requirements, but there is considerably more here. Full text search and at least 25 reports that answer most questions management may throw at you. And yes, you can export your data if you don't love us anymore.

Online Training Program (Induction)

For crew and investigators of FRMS reports. Using this module, you can tailor your custom, online FRMS training. For the crew, their most pressing training will revolve around identifying fatigue and how to report fatigue to your FRMS. Training for other investigators can also be configured and tracked.

Audit Suite for Annual FRMS audit

And review. Create your own checklists, schedule audits and manage findings in this integrated fatigue risk management system. These are professional tools and you are highly recommended to watch the online training videos should you use this powerful suite of risk management tools.

How to Start Using TASSC's FRMS Data Management Suite?

Affordable Fatigue Risk Management System by TASSC

You must be in the aerospace industry, as we only work with existing or aspiring aerospace/aviation service providers and manufacturers.

Setup costs: $1,000

Annual subscription: $1,000

TASSC's FRMS Pricing Strategy

Request TASSC's Affordable Software

Need Complete, Affordable Aviation SMS Data Management?

Hey, did I ever tell you that our "Affordable, Basic" solutions are not about the money? For an extra ten dollars ($10) more per year, we'll include the full suite of Affordable, Basic Compliance SMS data management tools.

That is right. My mission is to do everything possible to reduce risk to our aerospace. But I won't give you our tools for free. You won't respect me in the morning, so I'm going to throw in the rest of ABC for less than $1 per month.

That is our commitment to safety. I told you that this is not about the money!

We will include all tools necessary for Affordable, Basic Compliance of aviation SMS regulatory requirements.

So...does your company actually need a fully compliant aviation SMS database? Are you ready to upgrade your SMS data management capabilities to include a complete system, from A-Z? That is really our mission. This FRMS is nice if that is all you really want, but the real value is in the complete aviation SMS data management platform.

Full Affordable Basic Compliance (ABC) annual subscription: $1,010.

Upon payment receipt, your administrator will be granted access to your set of FRMS data management tools within five business days.

There are no refunds, period. This is subsidized, low-cost FRMS software. We have no time for haters and tire-kickers. We are here to help.

Need Help With Setup or Subscription Costs? We have some creative financing ideas, and are willing to listen to others.