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Affordable Aviation SMS Database Software

Affordable, Basic Compliance Aviation SMS Database Software

TASSC provides affordable aviation SMS software to aviation service providers lacking financial means to efficiently practice safety management.

We strongly believe our entire aviation industry is needlessly exposed to risk whenever any aviation service provider lacks resources to effectively reduce risk to as low as reasonably practical (ALARP).

We believe practicing safe, efficient operations should remain within the grasp of all operators.

As our world's small operators become saddled with overwhelming and often irrelevant regulatory documentation hurdles, this reduces their ability to focus on their mission of providing safe, reliable services.

TASSC continuously devotes professional, technical resources to remedy this systemic shortcoming.

Our new affordable SMS database software is not bloated with extraneous "bells and whistles" for power users. This affordable SMS software allows:

  1. Existing small operators to "Check the Compliance" box; and
  2. New startups to jump-start their certification process by having an affordable SMS database even though operations have not started.

Furthermore, disadvantaged companies accepted under the ABC SMS software plan have opportunities to earn credits. These credits can be applied to operators' subscription, which in effect allows operators use of ABC SMS database software for one year without incurring financial costs.

Follow this link to learn more about this affordable SMS database software that is really the best value for your SMS dollar. A ffordable B asic C ompliance SMS Database Software makes your aviation SMS documentation requirements as easy as ABC.

Affordable Fatigue Risk Management Software

Simulator Trials of Fatigue Countermeasures

TASSC also remains committed to reducing fatalities resulting from fatigued aviation service personnel.

We support the aerospace industry by providing affordable data management services for Fatigue Risk Management Systems.

This support takes the form of:

From our perspective, efficient FRMS data management improves operational safety and reduces risk to the entire aerospace system. We are all needlessly exposed to risk whenever any aviation service provider lacks resources to effectively reduce risk to as low as reasonably practical (ALARP).

TASSC continues to devote resources to remedy this systemic shortcoming.

Web-Based Virtual Safety Office

Web-Based Virtual Safety Office

Most small aviation service providers lack trained experts to effectively administer the documentation requirements of a regulatory compliant aviation SMS. Not only does a small operator lack expertise, but they may also lack:

  • Time to learn SMS documentation requirements and risk management workflows; and
  • Tools to effortlessly organize SMS documentation and generate SMS performance monitoring reports.

The Virtual Safety Office (VSO) offers these very small operators an opportunity to leverage:

  1. the experience of professional safety managers; and
  2. world-class aviation SMS database software that they typically could not afford to implement and manage themselves.

TASSC is committed to restructuring Virtual Safety Office (VSO) software to meet basic SMS compliance and become more usable for very small companies.

VSO software has become much easier to configure and manage client data security.

Aviation LOSA Software - Line Operations Safety Audits

Aviation LOSA Software

TASSC continues to compete with The LOSA Collaborative. TASSC's activities remain limited to developing user-friendly LOSA software. LOSA training, consulting and data analysis will be managed by our partners. Our LOSA software is superior to and much more user-friendly than what is used at The LOSA Collaborative, as our military LOSA and civil aviation clients repeatedly remind us.

TASSC will continue working with LOSA subject matter experts in both civilian and military aviation settings.

Our LOSA software was originally designed is to manage identified threats and errors in the SMS Pro database. We are diligently working to make this happen in military aviation. A future endeavor that may happen in our lifetimes is to use the integrated LOSA and SMS Pro products in military aerospace operations, such as in the U.S. Space Command.

Aerospace Safety Management Software - SMS Pro

SMS Pro is the popular aviation safety management system (SMS) database used by many safety-conscious service providers around the world.

SMS Pro sets the standard. Since 2008, this Web-based, aviation SMS database has earned civil aviation regulatory acceptance as an aviation SMS data management platform that facilitates SMS compliance. As of 2020, SMS Pro is recognized world-wide by civil aviation authorities and standards setting bodies as being a "complete SMS data management system."

SMS Pro remains the tool of choice many aviation safety managers dream of using. We hear this claim weekly.

SMS Pro helps aviation service providers become highly organized in their approach to safety. This world class system assures organizations and customers that resources are apportioned appropriately to reduce aerospace-hazard-related risks to as low as reasonably practical.

Starting in January 2021, SMS Pro will only be sold to certain operators based on:

  • Their safety culture (how well do they embrace change?);
  • Technical capabilities (can your safety team use a computer?); and
  • Ability to pay.

Other clients will be redirected to the "Affordable, Basic Compliance" (ABC) package, which is designed as a low-cost, no-frills approach to achieving regulatory compliance.

SMS Pro provides operators with extra, world-class support and continued enhancements. Operators who believe SMS Pro is too expensive for the value proposition should consider the more affordable ABC SMS database software.